IRTG Travel Grants Programme

PhD researcher Anisbel Léon joined the SeaIce2Clouds workshop and the Institute of Environmental Geosciences (IGE) in Grenoble for a research exchange

My research exchange at the Institute of Environmental Geosciences (IGE) (6-8 Sept 2023) and my participation in the SeaIce2Clouds workshop (11 and 12 Sept 2023) in Grenoble, France was a great opportunity to meet many people in person and expand my network connecting with others working on Arctic research.

I was invited to present my work on multiple occasions with active discussions with a diverse group of experts on modeling sea spray aerosol emissions (Remy Lapère from IGE) and aerosol-cloud interaction processes (Louis Marielle from LATMOS). There was also room for an exciting debate about recent measurements of marine organic aerosol from open ocean and leads in the Arctic led by Kerry Pratt from the University of Michigan.

I also learned from the presentations and general discussions during the workshop. SeaIce2Clouds SCOR group aims to bring sea ice and atmospheric scientific communities together to tackle open questions about ocean, sea ice, snow, and atmosphere coupling, with emphasis on gases and aerosol exchange processes in polar regions. For about two years I have been part of the group and involved in a synthesis paper on primary aerosols over polar regions. It was very nice to finally meet in person most of the people that are part of this group. The workshop aimed to have an open debate about the progress of the paper and to develop plans for modeling projects engaging modelers and the community in future observational planning.

Despite the brevity of my visit, I must say it was very beneficial to move forward with my research with extra motivation. Many scientists showed themselves interested in my work with some invitations to collaborate, mostly in process representation of organic aerosol emissions and aerosol-cloud interaction in models.


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Group pcture from SeaIce2Clouds workshop in Grenoble
Group pcture from SeaIce2Clouds workshop in Grenoble