Scientific Advisory Board

We have established an external, international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to obtain scientific and strategic advice from outside. During our two International Scientific Conferences of (AC)³ the SAB reviews our scientific work and provides a written report to advise our research and to guarantee the strict quality assurance of our results.

Currently, the following eminent scientists are member of our SAB:

  • Jost Heintzenberg (TROPOS, Leipzig)
  • Yasuko Kasai (NICT, Tokyo)
  • Ulrich Platt (Uni Heidelberg)
  • Timo Vihma (FMI, Helsinki)
  • Von P. Walden (WSU, Seatle)
  • Jennifer Kay (CSU, Boulder)
  • Kathy Law (LATMOS, Paris)
  • Michael Tjernström (Uni Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Bruno Tremblay (McGill University, Canada)