Our next (AC)³ General Assembly will be held in Leipzig, at IOM building near TROPOS (Permoserstr. 15, 04318 Leipzig) on Dec 5-7, 2023 (from noon to noon).

There will be two parts of the GA. The first day will focus on (AC)³ and will be organized thematically by the PhDs. Since this will be our last meeting in phase II, the PhDs should get the opportunity to present their work. The second day will have a HALO-(AC)³ focus. Among other things, the paper contributions to the Special Issue will be discussed here.

Similar to the last times, our PhDs will have the opportunity for their own meeting before the GA. This is scheduled for 4.-5. December 2023 (noon to noon) including an (AC)³ Alumni event.

Of course, both topics are open to both the (AC)³ and the Halo community.

Meeting agenda can be found here.