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The Leipzig Institute for Meteorology (LIM), University of Leipzig, Germany, invites applications for one

PhD position on

Measurements of radiative fluxes in boundary layer clouds using a tethered balloon during MOSAiC

The position is related to the Transregional Collaborative Research Center TR172 on ArctiC Amplification: Climate Relevant Atmospheric and SurfaCe Processes, and Feedback Mechanisms ((AC)³, see, which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft). It will be closely linked to the Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate project (MOSAiC, (AC)³ aims to better understand processes leading to the currently observed drastic climate changes in the Arctic.  Within the MOSAiC project a one-year drift of the German research ice breaker Polarstern in the Arctic Sea ice including an ice-floe camp (September 2019-September 2020) is planned, during which a multitude of atmospheric, sea ice, and oceanic measurements will be collected.


Detailed project descriptions:

Tethered balloon–borne measurements of atmospheric vertical profiles (up to one–kilometer altitude) of radiative energy fluxes will be performed from the MOSAiC ice–floe camp in spring 2020 (MOSAiC leg 4, April to June). The observations will investigate the influence of macrophysical (cloud base height and temperature and geometric thickness, cloud cover, multi-layer structure) and microphysical (effective radius) properties of Arctic low–level clouds on (i) the radiative forcing, and (ii) the related net warming/cooling of the near–surface air temperature. An existing package for balloon–borne measurements of radiation quantities will be applied. A new cloud sensor will be implemented into the sensor package. A test campaign will be performed in Melpitz (nearby Leipzig) in early 2019. The two-month intensive measurement period during MOSAiC takes place in spring 2020; it will provide a data set covering different meteorological and cloud condition expected in Arctic spring. The data will allow to quantify the impact of cloud properties and their radiative effects. The evaluation of the measurements will be based on radiative transfer modelling in close collaboration with ground-based remote sensing of cloud properties within MOSAiC. For more information contact: m.wendisch[at]


We expect enthusiasm and interest in atmospheric science, in particular in cloud observations, remote sensing, and radiative transfer modelling. Applicants should have a Master-of-Science-equivalent university degree in meteorology, geophysics, physics or mathematics. Knowledge of high-level scientific programming for data analysis is desirable. Experience regarding experimental field work in polar regions would be advantageous. The candidate will participate in a 3-month long measurement period during the MOSAiC expedition. The willingness to stay on the research vessel Polarstern for a 3-months period (spring 2020) and to work under harsh polar conditions with different instruments also helping other research groups is required. Candidates must possess excellent communication skills both in written and spoken English.


Interested candidates should send a CV, a cover letter describing background, training and research interests; certificates; and the contact information of at least two academic referees as a single PDF to


Submissions will be accepted until 15. July 2018.


The position (65% TV-L E13) is awarded for 3 years. Start of the position is intended for Sep. 2018, latest begin can be Jan. 2019. We offer a productive and interdisciplinary working group including comprehensive supervision and integration into the Leipzig Graduate School on Clouds, Aerosol and Radiation ( and/or the (AC)³ PhD programme (



The selection for the candidates will be based solely on merit without regard to gender, religion, national origin, political affiliation, marital or family status or other differences. Among equally qualified candidates, handicapped candidates will be given preference.


Complete Job advertisement can be found here.

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