Crosscutting Activities within (AC)³

In phase III, the collaborative research in (AC)³ will reach a new quality by focusing on four complex crosscutting activities (CCAs), which are dedicated to specific processes or feedback mechanisms. The efforts of different (AC)³ projects across cluster will be integrated and synthesised to reach one of our central objectives to increasingly progress from local process studies to regional investigations of climate feedback mechanisms. All CCAs will investigate the sensitivity of one or more key drivers of Arctic amplification by compiling the available observations from super-sites, field campaigns, and satellites, performing process-oriented analysis and evaluating and constraining models.

The coordination of each CCA is anchored in a dedicated work package of the E-Cluster projects, which will establish a close collaboration of the involved (AC)³ projects. In addition to regular teleconferences and dedicated sessions at the (AC)³ assemblies, the CCAs will also contribute to the training of early career scientist in cooperation with the Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG), and organise individual meetings. The specific goal is a joint publication in each CCA that documents the progress in understanding of the atmospheric and surface processes and the feedback mechanisms for Arctic amplification.

CCA1: Convection


CCA2: Surface parametrizations


CCA3: Arctic mixed-phase clouds


CCA4: Air mass transport and transformation