26 – 28 March 2017: University of Bremen, Germany. 1st (AC)³ Science Conference.

The conference will summarize the scientific results obtained during the first year of the
Transregional Collaborative Research Center TR 172 on Arctic Amplification (AC)³, and discuss them in context with the international research community. Distinguished guest speakers will talk about recent highlights and current hypotheses in the field of Arctic climate research. Talks and posters will be presented in five sessions. The “(AC)³ Disthinguished Young Investigators Prizes“ will be awarded. The conference is supposed to promote scientific exchange and identify key tasks to be addressed in near-future Arctic climate research.

 A conference flyer can be downloaded here ( outside / inside ).

Further information

The final conference agenda is available here.

Each conference participant will recieve a printed conference booklet including all general information and abstracts at the registration desk. You may also download a digital pdf version in advance. At the conference site WLAN will be available (for further information please ask the registration desk).

You may register for the evening talk by Sebastian Gerland with subsequent (AC)³ reception seperately using the following link:


We are looking forward to welcoming you to our conference in Bremen!