PhD Theses

PhD Theses by (AC)³ scientists published within the framework of (AC)³ are listed below.


Chellini, G., 2024: Precipitation formation in low-level mixed-phase clouds: determining relevant processes and drivers based on cloud radar observations from a high Arctic site, Dissertation, Universität zu Köln,


Barrientos Velasco, C., 2022: Radiative effects of clouds in the Arctic, Dissertation, Universität Leipzig,

Griesche, H., 2022: Arctic low-level mixed-phase clouds and their complex interactions with aerosol and radiation – Remote sensing of the Arctic troposphere with the shipborne supersite OCEANET-Atmosphere, Dissertation, Universität Leipzig,


Nakoudi, K., 2021: Properties and radiative effect of aerosol and cirrus clouds over the European Arctic, Dissertation, Universität Potsdam,

Stapf, J., 2021: Influence of Surface and Atmospheric Thermodynamic Properties on the Cloud Radiative Forcing and Radiative Energy Budget in the Arctic, Dissertation, Universität Leipzig,

Zeppenfeld, S., 2021: Carbohydrates in the Arctic and the Southern Ocean – Chemical Analysis, Transfer from the Sea to the Atmosphere and Potential Relevance for Cloud Formation. Dissertation, Universität Leipzig.

Eppers, O., 2021: Chemical composition and origin of aerosol particles involved in summertime Arctic cloud processes, Dissertation, Universität Mainz,

Bougoudis, I., 2021: Satellite based remote sensing of halogens in the Arctic troposphere,under the impact of Arctic Amplification, Dissertation, Universität Bremen,

Egerer, U., 2021: A new set of tethered balloon-borne instrument payloads for collocated turbulence and radiation measurements in the cloudy Arctic boundary layer – first applications, Dissertation, Universität Leipzig,

Jafariserajehlou, S., 2021: Aerosol, Surface and Cloud retrieval using passive remote sensing over the Arctic, Dissertation, Universität Bremen,

Hartmann, M., 2021: Ice Nucleating Particles in the Arctic – A story of their abundance, properties and possible origin from the Little Ice Age to the current age of unpreceded Arctic warming. Dissertation, Universität Leipzig,

Pohl, C., 2021: A study of Arctic sea-ice surface albedo and its uncertainty: impact varying insolation and instrument characteristics, Dissertation, Universität Bremen,

Kretzschmar, J., 2021: Improving the representation of Arctic clouds in atmospheric models across scales using observations, Dissertation, Universität Leipzig,

Pefanis, V., 2021: Loading of coloured dissolved organic matter in the Arctic Mediterranean Sea and its effects on the ocean heat budget, Dissertation, Universität Bremen,

Mewes, D., 2021: Large-scale Horizontal Energy Fluxes into the Arctic Analyzed Using Self-organizing Maps, Dissertation, Universität Leipzig,

Ruiz Donoso, E., 2021: Small-scale structure of thermodynamic phase in Arctic mixed-phase clouds observed with airborne remote sensing during the ACLOUD campaign, Dissertation, Universität Leipzig,

Schacht, J., 2021: Black Carbon Aerosol in the Arctic: Ageing, Transport and Radiative Effects, Dissertation, Universität Leipzig,

Rauterkus, R., 2021: Large-Eddy Simulations of Arctic Stratocumulus – Process Representation and Surface  Heterogeneity, Dissertation, Universität zu Köln,


Michaelis, J., 2020: Modelling and parametrization of turbulent convective processes over leads in sea ice (Doctoral dissertation), Universität Bremen. doi: 10.26092/elib/428

Seo, S., 2020: Retrieval and analysis of tropospheric bromine monoxide enhancements in polar regions using satellite measurements, Dissertation, Universität Bremen,

Gierens, R., 2020: Observations of Arctic low-level mixed-phase clouds at Ny-Ålesund: Characterization and insights gained by high-resolution Doppler radar, Universität zu Köln,

Radovan, A., 2020: Variability and trends of Arctic water vapour from passive microwave satellites – Special Role of Polar Lows and Atmospheric Rivers, Universität zu Köln,

Nomokonova, T., 2020:  Arctic cloud properties derived from ground-based sensor synergy at Ny-Ålesund, Universität zu Köln.

Lu, J., 2020: Reducing Weather Influences on Sea Ice Concentration Retrieval Using Spaceborne 89 GHz Passive Microwave Observations, Dissertation, Universität Bremen,

Rostosky, P., 2020: Snow Depth on Arctic Sea Ice from Microwave Radiometers, Dissertation, Universität Bremen,

Dahlke, S., 2020: Rapid climate changes in the arctic region of Svalbard, PhD Thesis, University of Potsdam,


Patilea, C., 2019: Remote sensing of sea ice thickness from L-band microvave sensors on satellites, PhD Thesis, University of Bremen


Khosravi, N., 2018: Space-borne Retrieval of Solar-induceed Plant Fluorescence and its Relationship to photosynthetic Parameters, PhD Thesis, University of Bremen,

Block, C., 2018: Aerosol-Cloud-Radiation interactions in regimes of liquid water clouds, PhD Thesis, University of Leipzig,


Buschmann, M., 2017: Ground-based remote sensing of carbon dioxide and methane in the Arctic using Fourier-transform infrared spectrometry, PhD Thesis, University of Bremen,


Schäfer, M., 2016: Optical Thickness Retrievals of Subtropical Cirrus and Arctic Stratus from Ground-Based and Airborne Radiance Observations Using Imaging Spectrometers, PhD Thesis, University of Leipzig,