Gender Equality Measures

Online Workshop on Conflict Managment for PhD candidates by Dr. Neela Enke

Date: 24 – 25 March 2021, each from 9.30 – 13.00

Conflict competence is a key dimension of personal and professional success. This seminar enables participants to discover conflicts as an opportunity for innovation, professional and personal development. Typical areas of conflict at research institutions arise, from professional and  role-related specificities of research organizations as well as the academic career: e.g. negotiating working conditions at the transition from doctoral to postdoctoral phase, between different status groups (administration vs. academic staff), with colleagues, superiors, employees… Dimensions of implicit and explicit hierarchies in dealing with conflicts are considered, since hierarchy and attributions based on gender origin influence conflict dynamics. How is it possible to adopt a clear and goal-oriented, but at the same time respectful attitude in one’s own role (e.g. colleague, employee, manager) during a conflict and how to act accordingly? Participants will be able to work with their own experiences and develop solutions.

• Basic conflict management (Analysis, Management, Consequences) in professional contexts
• Conflict dynamics and escalation
• Professional communication in conflicts
• Dealing with hierarchy, dependency and (e.g. gender specific) attribution
• PhD candidates: typical conflicts during the PhD

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