IRTG Travel Grants Programme

PhD candidate Moritz Zeising joined the EGU General Assembly 2022

The experience to participate for the first time at an on-site conference was great. The European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2022 in Vienna offered an opportunity to present my research on modelling biogenic aerosol precursors to the broader oceanography (and cryosphere) audience in a session on the Arctic Ocean. Further, the discussion and networking during the conference itself, but also during the evenings at the Cryosphere division networking event or a self-organized oceanography networking was helpful to discuss ongoing research and ideas with others. To present linkages within (AC)³, Anisbel León and me pointed at each other’s projects during our presentations.

A session of the EGU Equality, Diversity and Inclusion working group and a panel discussion on neo-colonialism in science enriched the conference experience even more. As outreach and to connect with other EGU22 participants, I posted interesting topics, quotes, articles and links on Twitter and partly also on Instagram.


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