The 4th International Summer Snowfall Workshop (ISSW) will take place in Leipzig on September 11th to 13th at the Albertina Library. The ISSW is a meeting series that is designed as a networking meeting for the small community interested in snowfall research. After the first meeting in Cologne in 2017, it will be followed by meetings in Hyytiälä in 2019 and Reading/online in 2021, organized by Stefan Kneifel, Dmitri Moisseev, Chris Westbrook, Karina McCusker, and Max Maahn.

Topics include:
• Ice microphysical processes and snowflake microstructure
• Scattering properties of snowflakes and their relation to microphysical properties
• Remote sensing of snowfall, and assimilation of such observations into forecasts
• In situ and laboratory observations of snowfall

The workshop will be organized as a mixture of oral and poster presentations, invited overview talks, and panel discussions.