16 – 17 February: ACLOUD Meeting

The ACLOUD meeting of (AC)³ took place from February 16th to February 17th, 2016 in Leipzig (Germany).

Among the participants were 6 PIs, 3 PhDs and 13 scientist from the participating (AC)³ institutes and partners from the University of Mainz (IPA), Max-Planck-Institute Mainz (MPI), and the Karlsruher Institute for Technology (KIT).

The meeting has been the occasion to get to plan the aircraft campaign ACLOUD from 22 May – 28 June 2017 in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, and to start collaborations within projects, between research areas and with the external partners.

ACLOUD Agenda and time schedule (PDF).

Further information can be found in the intranet.


Name Institute Title
Manfred Wendisch LIM Introduction (AC)³ PDF
André Ehrlich/Christof Lüpkes LIM/AWI Introduction ACLOUD & AFLUX PDF
André Ehrlich LIM P5: SMART PDF
Evi Jäkel LIM P5: Eagle/Hawk PDF
Mario Mech IGM P5: MiRAC PDF
Roland Neuber AWI Potsdam P5: AMALi PDF
Christof Lüpkes AWI Bremerhaven P5/P6: Nose booms PDF
Stephan Mertes TROPOS P6: CVI + aerosol instrumentation PDF
Johannes Schneider MPI P6: AMS/ALABAMA PDF
Dirk Kalmbach AWI Bremerhaven P6: SP2, UHSAS PDF
Heiko Bozen/Peter Hoor IPA P6: CO/CO2 + Polar Dome PDF
Ralf Weigel IPA P6: PIP, CIP, HALOHolo PDF
Martin Schnaiter KIT P6: SID3 + PHIPS PDF
Ronny Engelmann TROPOS Activities on Polarstern PDF
Kerstin Ebell IGM Actvities in Ny-Ålesund – Radar PDF
Roland Neuber AWI Potsdam Actvities in Ny-Ålesund – AWIPEV PDF
Meeting Minutes
Flight patterns